5 Friday To Do’s: Google X, Heartbleed, Passwords and Glow in The Dark Highways

I’m always thinking about new ways to structure and share content. We at VINT write our own blogposts, share cool content from other parties here on the blog and also tweet interesting stuff we find on the web. Lately I am really into the format of a curator who shares several types of content in one post, like The Atlantic is doing with their 5 Intriguing Things series and what MIT is doing with the curated reading list.

So to kick off a experiment with a new format: here are 5 things for your friday or the weekend to read, watch, do, be surprised by and to share.

To watch: Visis the Google X lab
Google X isn’t like most R&D labs. Fast Company was granted first-of-its kind access into Google’s top-secret research laboratory, where “moonshots” trump real-world feasibility, and failure is openly encouraged. In this video you will get a grasp on how innovation works at at Google X and how they work towards fast prototyping. Really inspiring. 

To read: It’s Time to Encrypt the Entire Internet
Following the HeartBleed bug, it has become clear (if it wasn’t already) that (cyber)security is one of the main issues that we have to deal with to shape the future. In fact, it’s time for the web to take a good hard look at a new idea: encryption everywhere. Wired.

To do: Change your passwords
And after you read the article at Wired take some time to change the affected passwords, or just all your passwords at once. Since your password on unaffected websites might be the same as the password you use at affected sites and services. Check out a list of passwords that you need to change here. Or use the handy infographic by VentureBeat that I included here.

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To be amazed: Glow in the Dark Highways
In the Dutch city of Oss, 60 miles southeast of Amsterdam, there’s a highway named N329. During the day, N329 is a stretch of road like so many others around the world—paved, painted, studded with signs. At night, however, N329—a 500-meter stretch of it, anyway—transforms. Its markings glow in the dark. This project is designed by Daan Roosegaarde, who will also be speaking at our event in june. More on this project here. Here’s the concept video:

Our friends at SogetiLabs released their third Insight on Innovation report. It’s a free download. So feel free to download the report and share it with your connections if you like it.

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