5 Business Applications of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a long promise. But as is often the case; the technology wasn’t ready yet. Now it is. This is what has become know as the long nose of innovation. Because of Moore’s Law, accompanied by the rapid improvement of processors, screens, and accelerometers, driven by the smartphone boom — VR is finally at a tipping […]

Microsoft’s Future of Work: Giant Displays and Super Thin Tablets

Microsoft is back with another vision of the future. Not much has changes since the last few videos: Microsoft is still obsessed with big screens. Set between five and 10 years in the future, Microsoft’s vision includes holograms, 3D printers, super thin tablets, and bendable displays. Or as they say it: How could emerging technologies transform […]

Why Google Glass Broke, But Is Far From Dead

Oh Google Glass. It’s back to the drawing board for the much hyped gadget by Google that took the world by storm. Recently Google announced that the Explorer Program, that me and my colleague Erik van Ommeren were a part of, was killed and that we see Glass back someday in another shape or form. On […]

Holy Moly HoloLens

I don’t know what’s more impressive: the new piece of hardware by Microsoft called the HoloLens or the fact that they kept it under the radar despite 7 years of development. During their Windows 10 event Microsoft showed off a new OS, a new browser and a bunch of other stuff, but to me the […]

Google Glass: shut up and take my mom’s money

Last week Google send out a new video of Google Glass and how it works. The video shows more details of using Glass while doing everyday activities (maybe except the snake thing). They also launched a Twitter campaign for people in the US in which Google asks potential users to explain how they would put […]