Disruption in Manufacturing: The Future Of Digital Factories

Yesterday I came across this research report from SCM World titled The Digital Factory: Game-Changing Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing Industry. For this research they collaborated with MESA International on a joint survey to define the landscape of manufacturing technology tools and defining an investment priority timeline. It shows that Big Data Analytics, Mobile Technologies and Robotics are defining […]

When will the Internet of Things change our cities?

“The Future is Cities” This was the headline of the winter 2014 edition of MIT Spectrum. Half of the world’s population now live in urban conglomerations and in 2050 that will be almost three-quarters of all people on earth. In China, 300 million people will move to the city within the coming 15 years. In […]

Real Disruption Happens When Technologies Combine

Disruption is the most recent rhythm of the technology debate. The uberization of everything if often mentioned, so is the disruptive potential of abundance. However disruption is also about finding the right product-market fit. In a new report, the Institute for the Future argues that: “technological change is increasingly driven by the combination and recombination of foundational elements.” So to […]

Smart Cities and the Internet of Things: Follow the Money and the Data

As we introduced here on the blog earlier, our next (and last) installment of our four reports on the internet of things will be all about the concept of smart cities. After our initial exploration of the internet of things in the first report, the personal (and wearable) internet of things in the second report, […]

The Robots are on the move

The robots are on the move. Based on advancements in hardware, self learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, robotics is moving towards the centre of our technological future. Google is doing some heavy investing; acquiring over eight robotics companies—including Boston Dynamics, maker of BigDog, WildCat and a stable of other astonishing Pentagon-funded bots. Robots of varying shape and design, […]

An Algorithm that Learns Everything about Anything

We deal with a lot of algorithms during a regular day. Searching for Google, reading you Facebook timeline or every “hey, you also might like this” suggestions you get around the web. For those of you unfamiliar with what a algorithm actually is, think about it as a set of rules that define a sequence of […]

What’s next for the web?

Somehow we keep on talking about the web in phases, like the web is flowing into one new structured phase after another. Web 1.0 was how we dubbed the read-only phase of the web. Then we named it web 2.0 with a emphasis on social, moving from read-only to a more participative form of read […]

The Personalisation of Data and Offering Better Services

Initially only financial and product data were saved in databases; today, however, we can even record emotions and brain activity, thanks to advancing technology in wearables and the internet of things. A consumer’s intentions, perceptions, actions and reactions, facial expressions, heart rate – all these personal data are coming within arm’s reach of the information society. This provides a […]

Why Big Social Data Is About More Than Social Data

The adoption of plans in organizations for Big Data currently and predominantly covers the theme of social data: the customer side, inspired in particular by the social network activity of Web 2.0. But, if we take the concept of ‘social’ in a broader sense, an increasing amount of Big Data potential is released. This is more […]

The Internet of Things is about people, not things

Jaron Lanier, who wrote this well-received book Who Owns The Future (WOTF), is associated with Microsoft Research and has been active in connected things and big data for a very long time. He loves the world of distributed instruments and big data. We talked to Lanier in Amsterdam at our Executive Summit on all sorts of […]