Substance Behind the Big Data Hype

More evidence that backs up that big data adoption is on the rise, this week Gartner Joins in. Last week I wrote a post on how Big Data adoption is rising according to a survey conducted by NewVantage Partners among Fortune 1000 C-Suite executives and executives with responsibility for big data. The survey said that 68% of executives expect that […]

The Rising Adoption of Big Data

With our four reports on big data, we have contributed to the field of big data best practices and how to situate a big data strategy in your organization. The has been a lot of writing on the rise of big data, the facts about the big data adoption has seen lesser blogposts and reports. […]

Big Data Potential lies in unstructured data and business transformation

Capitalizing on Big Data potential goes hand-in-hand with investment aimed at getting hold of unstructured and external data: begin on a small scale and subsequently build up the capacity to harvest the unstructured and external data. That is the challenge, that is the Big Data potential that is consistently mentioned: accessing unstructured and external data to develop new insights. […]

Why ‘Just Metadata’ is not the whole story, MIT can show you

One of the key arguments concerning NSA surveillance for defenders (Obama for instance) of the program is claiming “it’s just metadata”. This is in no way a valid argument. If you know the slightest thing about metadata, you would know that a little (or a lot) of metadata can tell you a lot about a […]

Digital Transformation Transit Map

Behold, digital transformation technologies in one know-it-all map from Gartner (Click to enlarge). The map is visualized around types of products and services and Gartner has cataloged more than 1,800 vendors to create this map. There are 12 tracks, such as Marketing Management, Creative, Analytics, Social, Search and UX that go through 7 neighborhoods, such […]

NSA “big data spin-off” company releases data mining tool

Sqrrl is a commercially extended version of Apache Accumulo, the big data analysis platform originally developed by the NSA for real-time data mining, with built-in protections designed to hide certain kinds of information from people without the clearance to view it. More on this story over at ArsTechnica.

Opening up Data for Non-Programmers

We talk a lot about the (exponential) growth of data. But with all this data, it seems unhealthy that only people with programming skills can get value out of this data by mining and analyzing. The tendency to open up this process with tools that allow non-programmers to get their hands dirty with data science […]

Microsoft and the Data Driven City of the Future

Smart buildings will become smart cities, and smart cities will change everything. But first, let’s start with our own campus. That’s the philosophy behind a Microsoft project called 88 acres, after the 88 acres of land Microsoft chose for its headquarters in 1986. Microsoft’s campus counts 125 buildings and 41,664 employees. A small team of engineers is using a “Internet […]