Wearable Computing & Systems of Engagement

So what’s the real deal with the ecosystem of increasing intelligent software services, smaller and more powerful devices and connectivity embedded into everything? It creates an ecosystem in which the user is at the centre of things Sarah Rotman Epps is a former Forrester analyst and recently joined Facebook  as a product marketing manager for […]

The Internet of Things is about people, not things

Jaron Lanier, who wrote this well-received book Who Owns The Future (WOTF), is associated with Microsoft Research and has been active in connected things and big data for a very long time. He loves the world of distributed instruments and big data. We talked to Lanier in Amsterdam at our Executive Summit on all sorts of […]

Interview with Jason Silva – Futurist, Filmmaker and Techno optimist

One of the speakers at the Sogeti Executive Summit 2012 (also read about our small CIO survey) in London was Jason Silva, Futurist, Filmmaker and Techno optimist. Silva talks about the future of technology and the human brain. Big Social: Predicting behavior with Big Data, our second research report on Big Data is now available. It offers […]