3 trends from the Mobile World Congress

Last week tech companies and press gathered at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil the future of mobile. While of course the emphasis was on smartphones and new flagship models, there was a lot of other stuff to see as well. For your gadget thirst, head over to Wired where they lined up […]

Why Google Glass Broke, But Is Far From Dead

Oh Google Glass. It’s back to the drawing board for the much hyped gadget by Google that took the world by storm. Recently Google announced that the Explorer Program, that me and my colleague Erik van Ommeren were a part of, was killed and that we see Glass back someday in another shape or form. On […]

Holy Moly HoloLens

I don’t know what’s more impressive: the new piece of hardware by Microsoft called the HoloLens or the fact that they kept it under the radar despite 7 years of development. During their Windows 10 event Microsoft showed off a new OS, a new browser and a bunch of other stuff, but to me the […]

Context, Cards and Notification Design

At the beginning of the year I wrote a blogpost titled “Contextual is the new Mobile” in which I wrote that contextual based interaction with devices is key to making the future of mobile work. The new mobile requires devices, services and information to be embedded (integrated into the environment), personalized (tailored to your needs), adaptive […]

Mobile’s 40-Year Awakening in 90 Seconds

Today, there are over 7 billion active mobile devices in existence. In its relatively short time here on Earth, the mobile device has, and continues to, transform our lives. Drawing from World Bank data, this is a visualization of the rise of invention in mobile phone technology.

The Future of Wearables

One of the most visible forms of the Internet of Things, at least from a consumer’s perspective, is the advent of wearables, a term for wearable computing devices. The full range of this new form factor for mobile devices is very wide and I would like to define wearables as electronic systems located on the body that […]

Contextual Is The New Mobile

A new mobile form-factor is coming and it’s not restricted to your pocket. Wearable tech is all about unleashing the power of smartphones onto new types of devices. While the smartphone and tablet market seem to have devolved into a battle of bigger displays and faster processors, the form-factor for wearables is still open to a […]

Anticipatory computing coming to a device near you

So what’s the real deal with the ecosystem of increasing intelligent software services, smaller and more powerful devices and connectivity embedded into everything? It creates an ecosystem in which the user is at the centre of things. The system anticipates a users actions, activity and intentions. Basically it becomes anticipatory. Anticipatory computing has a small entry on […]

Google Glass: shut up and take my mom’s money

Last week Google send out a new video of Google Glass and how it works. The video shows more details of using Glass while doing everyday activities (maybe except the snake thing). They also launched a Twitter campaign for people in the US in which Google asks potential users to explain how they would put […]

Where will the App Effect strike next?

One thing that was obvious at CES the past week is the emerging field of apps that exist outside your phone. After the mobile app revolution changed how we handle information, the App Effect (also read our book) is having a second run. Think of your car, your watch on your wrists and other wearable devices or interacting […]