The Smart City Needs To Deal With The Same Problems As The Internet

The analogy between the internet and the smart cities I wrote about a few weeks ago is not only based on the similarity in opportunities. Much like the internet, the smart city is also subject to social and cultural dilemmas like privacy and security. A city tracking its citizens, even for helpful reasons, impacts the personal […]

Why Big Social Data Is About More Than Social Data

The adoption of plans in organizations for Big Data currently and predominantly covers the theme of social data: the customer side, inspired in particular by the social network activity of Web 2.0. But, if we take the concept of ‘social’ in a broader sense, an increasing amount of Big Data potential is released. This is more […]

The Internet of Things has a Dark Side as well: Surveillance

A lot of dark sides of technology on our blog this week. So why not one more. Our latest research focuses on connected objects or in a more popular term: the internet of things. The same technology (sensors etc) that drive our world towards a data driven society and could have a high impact on […]

Farmville for personal data awareness: Turning data marketplaces into a game

I think one of the best ways to create an engaging experience is trough games or a gamified interaction system. Wolfie Christl, a speaker at TedxVienna is likely to agree with me. By doing research on personal data business models Christl became creeped out about how much data is collected and then sold. With Big Data in […]

Privacy by design: a framework for design in the age of big data

‘How does Big Data affect personal privacy?’ and ‘in what specific way are privacy and big data connected?’ are two questions we are exploring in our research on big data and privacy. Another question is about a possible way out. How can we organize privacy in the age of Big Data? One part of the […]

Sharing personal data anonymously with Crowd Blending Privacy

In our upcoming report on the Big Social we talk about giant stockpiles of personal data containing browsing logs, location data, purchases patterns, social media data and how the combination of these sets of data can boost actionable analytics and maybe predict future events. With all of these data sets containing personal information, the issue […]