The Smart City Needs To Deal With The Same Problems As The Internet

The analogy between the internet and the smart cities I wrote about a few weeks ago is not only based on the similarity in opportunities. Much like the internet, the smart city is also subject to social and cultural dilemmas like privacy and security. A city tracking its citizens, even for helpful reasons, impacts the personal […]

The Internet of un-maintained and insecure Things?

A lot of stats and figures point towards a future in which we will have somewhere in between 30 billion to 50 billion internet connected ‘devices’ in a few decades. A lot of these connections come from everyday objects that are slowly becoming mini-computers. Everything from your coffee maker to your garage door will go online. This […]

In a Internet of Things world your Fridge could be a Spambot

The internet of things is largely about embedding computing into the hardware. The security of these embedded systems is still pretty vulnerable. We have seen hackers taken over control of a smart connected home, and using Shodan you can try a little hacking yourself. Every connected piece of hardware can potentially become a spambot. Security firm Proofpoint […]