$100 Android phones are a way bigger deal than the Apple watch

“The future is already here, but it is not equally distributed”, William Gibson once said. Well, the present (or at least what we call the present) isn’t equally distributed as well. While China is testing out walking lanes for people who are lost in their screens while walking (THIS IS NOT A JOKE), I was […]

Next-Gen Chips Mimic Functions of the Human Brain

A computer chip designed to mimic the performance of the human brain? Yes. The chip is developed by IBM together with Cornell Tech and could prove a big step forward in the future of computing power. The chip is called SyNAPSE, which stands for Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics. So whats the human brain part about? […]

What’s Smart about Smart Cities?

The internet and the concept of a smart city have a lot in common. Their timelines are pretty similar: not in a chronological sense, but considering different phases of development and the similarity in characteristics that these phases have. Much like the smart city the internet was, after it gone public in the nineties, a […]

The Future of Wearables

One of the most visible forms of the Internet of Things, at least from a consumer’s perspective, is the advent of wearables, a term for wearable computing devices. The full range of this new form factor for mobile devices is very wide and I would like to define wearables as electronic systems located on the body that […]

Anticipatory computing coming to a device near you

So what’s the real deal with the ecosystem of increasing intelligent software services, smaller and more powerful devices and connectivity embedded into everything? It creates an ecosystem in which the user is at the centre of things. The system anticipates a users actions, activity and intentions. Basically it becomes anticipatory. Anticipatory computing has a small entry on […]

Google Glass: shut up and take my mom’s money

Last week Google send out a new video of Google Glass and how it works. The video shows more details of using Glass while doing everyday activities (maybe except the snake thing). They also launched a Twitter campaign for people in the US in which Google asks potential users to explain how they would put […]

Should every business have an API?

No. Well, not yet. API’s allow data from one site to flow outside of it, be it through an app or a mashup with another Internet service. With a lot more companies sitting on huge piles of data, the idea of a business API enabling data flows to partners, employees and even consumers is catching […]

Shut up and take my money: favorites from CES

Gadgets, gadgets en nog meer gadgets. CES was afgelopen week en de RSS liep over. Maar gelukkig is er de zondag: een dag voor lezen, gamen en voetbal kijken. En een blog maken. Mijn favoriete nieuwe tech en gadgets van CES. Qua leesvoer kan ik je trouwens deze artikelen aanbevelen: The Verge maakt in elke […]

NYC als panopticon in 2023 in PLURALITY

Vanuit mijn watch-it-later lijst: PLURALITY. Een korte film van 14 minuten over NYC als de ultieme politiestaat dankzij een grid op basis van DNA. Grappig detail: de agent is kwestie heet Foucalt. Waarom dat leuk bedacht is lees je hier.