9 graphs on how businesses are using the Internet of Things

At VINT wrote extensively about the internet of things. We did four research reports and a lot of blogposts on this topic. The internet of things is also a numbers game; predictions on data volume, connected devices, estimated revenue etc. In this post I want to highlight the business potential for IoT. So have a look at these […]

Disruption in Manufacturing: The Future Of Digital Factories

Yesterday I came across this research report from SCM World titled The Digital Factory: Game-Changing Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing Industry. For this research they collaborated with MESA International on a joint survey to define the landscape of manufacturing technology tools and defining an investment priority timeline. It shows that Big Data Analytics, Mobile Technologies and Robotics are defining […]

The Internet of Things by the Numbers

We at VINT wrote extensively about the internet of things. We did four research reports and a lot of blogposts on this topic. In this period we noticed that the numbers depicting the internet of things, from number of connected device to the amount of generated data, are overwhelming but also very variable depending on […]

Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) on Disruptive Innovation

Disruption is quickly becoming one of the most discusses topics in business and tech today. The concept of “disruptive innovation,” from Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, is discussed in Marc Andreessen, one of the key people behind the Netscape Navigator web browser and a cofounder of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, latest tweetstorm. […]

When will the Internet of Things change our cities?

“The Future is Cities” This was the headline of the winter 2014 edition of MIT Spectrum. Half of the world’s population now live in urban conglomerations and in 2050 that will be almost three-quarters of all people on earth. In China, 300 million people will move to the city within the coming 15 years. In […]

An update on the future of wearables

A new PwC’s research digs into the business of wearables and the consumer attitudes and preferences that will shape the future of wearable technology. They state that there are many applications for wearable tech in enterprise and in life. It will upend the retail industry, revolutionize health care and will likely change advertising and content […]

A killer app for wearables?

So smartwatches, the most general wearable today, are extensions of phones. They serve you a stripped down mobile experience and try to make the best out of filtering notifications. Over time I think smartwatches will become the new phones: your one does-it-all device. But only if we fix battery issues, increase power in such small devices and […]

4 fixes for the Internet of Things

50 billion connections in 2020? We are heading there, yes. The biggest chunk of the connectivity pie will come from connecting things to the internet that are not connected today. Look around your office or living room and do a count of the things destined to become connected. But if we want to connect all these […]

Connected Objects are Physical Avatars for Digital Services

From a consumer perspective the internet of things is about connecting the objects around us and adding some kind of digital layer to interact with. Increasingly, stuff like our thermostats, coffee makers and store displays will have a digital interface to interact with. To design these internet of things user experiences we can look at connected […]

The Digital Layer: Enchanted Objects

Davis Rose is a MIT Media Lab’s researcher and entrepreneur. His new book Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire and the Internet of Things came out recently. Last year we sat down wit David to discuss what he calls enchanted objects, or ordinary things, made extraordinary. To answer the important question of which things we should start to […]