Data from wearables tells a story: this is how we move

Most wearables track everyday activity like walking, running and when we use automated transport. All this data tells the story of how we move.

And while Human is a an app and not a wearable device, the types of data that are collected are pretty much the same. Every day, people track millions of activities with their app. They visualized the data in major cities all across the globe to get an insight into human activity. Walking, running, cycling and motorized transportation data tell us different stories.

This is how we move from Human on Vimeo.

This type of tracking does not only leads to beautiful video’s like this one, it makes a business case as well. Hyper measurability is extending its ability to measure anything, and now extends to every floor: from the relationship between the amount of coffee consumed and the following activity, to the connection between the minimum physical activity per employee and health-related costs. Bring Your Own Wearable Device (BYOWD) will be generally accepted in the not so distant future.

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