From Digital Darwinism to Digital Transformation

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-07 om 10.12.30Assuming that exponentially growing technology is an inevitable factor in the current era, it is imperative that organizations develop a structure and a matching culture in which accelerated change is the New Normal.

This places special demands on an organization’s corporate environment and strategy, in which room for experiment, pioneering and innovation are common daily practice. Too often, these conditions are absent from large, sluggish and bureaucratic organizations. Sometimes this is described as digital Darwinism: if you don’t change, you will ‘die’.

This talk by Brian Solis contains the same message. Solis argues that now is the time to take the digital customer experience seriously – and to accept that the digital customer has new needs and expectations. These are the slides from the talk, and here’s the video.


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