Hacking The Internet of Things

I wrote a post some time ago on how every time we connect another one of our household appliances to the Internet it creates yet another digital trail of personal details that could become vulnerable to hackers.

And with all the talk about ‘smart everything’, we sometimes forget about the ‘smart security’. So I’ve rounded up some articles that show why security might be the most important pillar for an internet of things.

Coming Soon: The Cybercrime of Things
Breaking into the smart home of the future

Hacking your TV and Toilet? Not that hard: 3 Ways Hackers Will Invade Your Smart Home
More Connected Homes, More Problems
Hacking your connected car

And finally my personal favorite: hacking a strangers home from the comfort of your own couch. And then call them.

Want to hack some connected things yourself? Play around with Shodan this weekend, “default password” might be a good way to start.

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