My Talk on Privacy, Big Data and the Creepy Line at Big Data Symposium Utrecht

This is my talk from the Big Data Symposium organized by Utrecht University as part of the Big Data Week. Check out the full report here. 

From the introduction on the website of New Media Studies:

Thomas van Manen readily began the final series of speakers. A researcher from Sogeti’s VINT Lab and graduate of the NMDC program, his presentation was titled “Privacy, Technology and the Law”. He revealed how big data, especially from a marketing perspective, can “cross the creepy line” and become privacy abuse. Quoting EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva, he states: “Personal information is the new oil of the Internet”. Yet, legislation is in flux, and technology moves faster than the lawmakers. There’s no such thing as anonymous data and there’s no universal privacy law. When companies use data that we unconsciously contribute to market to us, such as behavioral data from search engines, it can lead to some disturbing outcomes. In fact, Sogeti has published three reports on big data that can be downloaded here. Van Manen argues that we should have the fundamental right to data protection, as well as pursue applications that offer privacy by design.

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