‘Ok Glass: Patient Status’ Google Glass enters healthcare

Looking for a sneak peak into the future of wearable computing beyond consumer applications? This video’s shows off the potential use of Google Glass in healthcare.

The video is made by Philips and Accenture that wanted to offer a proof-of-concept demonstration showing how Google Glass could augment the experience of doctors, with keeping their hands free as the most obvious benefit. The potential is far greater; connecting patient monitoring data to Google Glass would allow a surgeon to see patient vital signs in their Glass while keeping their hands free and their eyes on the surgery. It would also allow the seamless transfer of information for a doctor or nurse to check a patient’s vital signs while he or she is elsewhere in the hospital, keeping them constantly updated about their patient’s condition

Philips Healthcare has stated that there isn’t a timeline for making this technology commercially available. The company still has work to do consulting with hospital systems and clients to figure out the best ways to incorporate the technology into the workflows of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.

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