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Schermafbeelding 2013-09-24 om 09.26.00Most of the wearables today revolve around activity tracking. Devices like JawBone and FitBit (that I’m wearing) are bracelets or clip-ons you wear everyday and your body somewhat functions as an API, the body is data input.

Now there’s a new player joining the game, claiming to do things different. Angel should be the first “truly open wearable health sensor” that is designed to make the device’s raw sensor data accessible to developers, researchers and physicians. The wristband features four different sensors (movement, temperature, optical, and acoustical) that can monitor multiple metrics about a user in real-time.

Acoustical: Pulse, Blood flow sounds
Optical: Blood oxygen saturation, Blood flow waveform, Pulse
Acceleration: Type of activity, Calories burned and number of steps taken
Temperature: Skin temperature

Most wristbands on the market  keep their data locked behind the closed doors of their cloud service and individual apps, instead Angels plans to allow users to access this information gathered about their bodies and use it for their specific health needs. The SDK, drivers and app templates will be released as open source. So developers might want to check out this page.

This could be great for research purposes because researchers or developers do not need to create their own custom hardware and can build applications on top of Angels data.

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  1. Good initiative, i hope the device will be used for the good (researchers or developers) and not the bad (big corps).

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