Why Salesforce joining the Internet of Things is a Big Deal

During Dreamforce, Salesforce yearly event, the CRM-company launched Salesforce 1; a platform aimed at future proofing the company’s applications. Part of the agenda was focused on customer relationships that can be tethered to the Internet of things and wearable computing using a series of application programming interfaces (APIs). The reason is simple: behind every sensor-laden thing is a […]

The Internet of Things, Interconnectivity and API’s

In app development, API integration is crucial; without connecting to the other networks we use, an app is just a silo. Connecting databases allows for richer user environments. Dealing with API’s however is not always easy; hours can go in to building and modifying wrappers. And no API’s is the same, once you get the […]

Should every business have an API?

No. Well, not yet. API’s allow data from one site to flow outside of it, be it through an app or a mashup with another Internet service. With a lot more companies sitting on huge piles of data, the idea of a business API enabling data flows to partners, employees and even consumers is catching […]