Big Data Insights from Microsoft

It’s Big Data week over at Microsoft. So there zooming in on some companies that are using big data and how these companies benefit. They also conducted a survey that shows that more than 75 percent of midsize to large businesses are implementing big data-related solutions within the next 12 months — with customer care, […]

Infographic: Humanizing Big Data

The Humanizing Big Data infographic highlights the need to enable more employees with access to Big Data, this is the same argument I pose in the article on simplicity as the ultimate sophistication. It also stresses the ability to analyze Big Data in context with other relevant data, this relates to the idea of total […]

Infographic: you are not special, but your data is

Our second report Big Social, that will be available for download on Monday, will discuss hypertargeting using big data. Naturally there is an upside and a creepy side to this practice. The upside would be personalized offers that really suit a consumer, the creepy side would be the privacy issues, think of the well-known Target case for […]

How Much Data Is Generated Every Minute?

The new topic for the second publication in our research on Big Data is all about social data. This ‘new’ resource consists of huge amounts of unstructured data. But how much data are we talking about? This infographic by DOMO is showing how much data is being generated every minute from every phone, website and application […]