16 Tech Trends the Big VC’s are watching

The founders of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz have invested successfully in just about every significant startup you can think of. And when they talk, I listen. Now they have put up a list of 16 major tech trends they are watching, or as they say: We don’t invest in themes; we invest in […]

2014 Will Be The Year Of The Smart Watch (And Other Wearable Trends)

2013 was the kick-off year for wearable computing (wearables) to take off. Most of the attention went to Google Glass, but during the year the momentum shifted to the smart watch; with the Pebble already serving wrists around the world and the introduction of Samsung Gear and hardware by Sony. 2014 will be even more […]

The Big roundup of Big Data trends for 2013

We have seen a explosion of trendlists these past couple of weeks with predictions on what’s next in 2013. In this post I have made a selection of my 5 favorite articles containing predictions on what’s next for big data (a list of lists if you will). Some are a bit optimistic, some a little […]

Predicting Twitter trends hours before Twitter does

Predicting Twitter trends can be done hours before Twitter does, at least according to one researcher from MIT. Associate Professor Devavrat Shah says he has created an algorithm that can identify Twitter trends hours before the service can. The real value of this model might not be helping Twitter, but in helping businesses use predictive analytics […]

Interview with Jason Silva – Futurist, Filmmaker and Techno optimist

One of the speakers at the Sogeti Executive Summit 2012 (also read about our small CIO survey) in London was Jason Silva, Futurist, Filmmaker and Techno optimist. Silva talks about the future of technology and the human brain. Big Social: Predicting behavior with Big Data, our second research report on Big Data is now available. It offers […]

Nadenken over 2010

Mijn trends en voorspellingen voor 2010. Deze post verscheen eerder op www.bijgespijkerd.nl