Big data at your Fingertips: Global Twitter Activity in Realtime

Twitter as the global heartbeat of our planet is a concept that has been hovering around the web for some time now. This idea got more real with Tweetping which visualizes Twitter activity in real time, on a global scale. So we can watch Europe go to sleep and people wake up in some other parts of the […]

Analyzing Big Data with Twitter

Take a crash course in Twitter’s big-data practices. Just like the students from Professor Marti Hearst’s class at the University of California at Berkeley, who could work with data sets straight from the Twitter fire hose, in a course called I290: “Analyzing Big Data with Twitter.” Here is the course description: How to store, process, analyze and […]

Tweetbeat: The Global Twitter Heartbeat

A Big Brain supercomputer is processing 50 million tweets a day and is visualizing real-time heat maps of positive and negative sentiments expressed on Twitter. This really is Big Social. Silicon Graphics International (SGI) has partnered with researchers from the University of Illinois to scan tweets in a project called the Global Twitter Heartbeat using SGI’s UV 2000 Big Brain […]

Predicting Twitter trends hours before Twitter does

Predicting Twitter trends can be done hours before Twitter does, at least according to one researcher from MIT. Associate Professor Devavrat Shah says he has created an algorithm that can identify Twitter trends hours before the service can. The real value of this model might not be helping Twitter, but in helping businesses use predictive analytics […]

De Twitter vox-pop

Een tijdje terug schreef ik een post op Bijgespijkerd over de ‘sociale’ toekomst van televisie. De centrale vraag die ik hier aanhaalde was: ‘Halen we televisie naar social of social naar de televisie?’