3 trends from the Mobile World Congress

Last week tech companies and press gathered at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil the future of mobile. While of course the emphasis was on smartphones and new flagship models, there was a lot of other stuff to see as well. For your gadget thirst, head over to Wired where they lined up […]

A killer app for wearables?

So smartwatches, the most general wearable today, are extensions of phones. They serve you a stripped down mobile experience and try to make the best out of filtering notifications. Over time I think smartwatches will become the new phones: your one does-it-all device. But only if we fix battery issues, increase power in such small devices and […]

Data from wearables tells a story: this is how we move

Most wearables track everyday activity like walking, running and when we use automated transport. All this data tells the story of how we move. And while Human is a an app and not a wearable device, the types of data that are collected are pretty much the same. Every day, people track millions of activities with […]

Can Wearable Technologies Boost Employee Productivity?

The answer is yes, according to a research report called Cloud At Work (HCAW). The HCAW report is part of a two-year collaboration between Rackspace, the open cloud company and the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, that investigates cloud-enabled wearable devices and their impact on UK businesses and consumers. (A side note here is that the […]

A Taxonomy of the world of Wearables

The industry may still be in its early stages, but the number of companies developing wearables is fast expanding. With this growth comes an increase in overall product diversity. To help demonstrate this massive growth, we have created an infographic (above) that identifies the major players within the space and showcases the infrastructure companies that […]

Empathic Things: Devices That Know How You Feel

A few weeks back we launched our second report in our on-going research into the internet of things. This report was focused on what we call ‘Empathic Things‘; devices, such as wearables, that have become increasingly personal and social. We are witnessing a computer boom in terms of kinds, shapes and sizes – around, on or inside […]

The Next Google Glass

When speaking to customers, colleagues and friends about wearing a Google Glass, we always end up talking about how small (and therefore less visible) these things are going to get. So it’s obvious that Google is focusing on making the current model look more attractive by partnering with specific partners. So next iterations of Glass […]

Diversity in Mobile: So What About The Rest of the Wearables market

A lot of firms are stacking up numbers and graphs to show you how big the wearables market is going to be. Market analysis is pretty optimistic. According to IMS Research, the wearables market is poised to grow from 14 million devices shipped in 2011 to as many as 171 million units shipped by 2016. In a more recent estimate, ABI […]

What’s next for the web?

Somehow we keep on talking about the web in phases, like the web is flowing into one new structured phase after another. Web 1.0 was how we dubbed the read-only phase of the web. Then we named it web 2.0 with a emphasis on social, moving from read-only to a more participative form of read […]

The Personalisation of Data and Offering Better Services

Initially only financial and product data were saved in databases; today, however, we can even record emotions and brain activity, thanks to advancing technology in wearables and the internet of things. A consumer’s intentions, perceptions, actions and reactions, facial expressions, heart rate – all these personal data are coming within arm’s reach of the information society. This provides a […]