A Taxonomy of the world of Wearables


The industry may still be in its early stages, but the number of companies developing wearables is fast expanding. With this growth comes an increase in overall product diversity. To help demonstrate this massive growth, we have created an infographic (above) that identifies the major players within the space and showcases the infrastructure companies that support these new devices in order to help paint a more detailed picture of the taxonomical state of the wearables industry. Via.

Diversity is great. But all of these ‘branded clouds’ only lead to several internetS of things, in stead of just one universal network of things. The market for things will get enormous, but it will be really heterogenous. This is a serious issue from a consumers perspective; if the devices and services (API’s) can only talk to other API’s that share the same brand logo, functionally will remain limited. Value is created in networks, not in devices. 

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