The Top 100 Most Scalable Organizations

1-PMpD8qY35THgE9GmZRXbBwIn our Design to Disrupt research program we talked about companies that are called Unicorns:  a company that rapidly gains to a valuation of a billion-dollars and beyond.

We also mentioned this book, written by Mike Malone, Yuri van Geest and Salim Ismail,  that  been explores, as well as crafts a guide to building Unicorns. The book refers to these companies as Exponential Organizations (ExO), companies that are able to scale their organization structures in a completely new way. 

Here’s an example from the book on the difference between a traditional company and ExO:

“a typical CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) company like Johnson & Johnson orProctor & Gamble takes about 300 days to go from a new idea to a product on a Walmart shelf. Quirky, a leading ExO, does that same process — new idea to product on a Walmart shelf, in just 29 days. And that’s in an old industry, not some newfangled internet-software-freemium-social-gaming play.”

The authors also made a list of the 100 most scaleable companies (ExO) in the world today based on diagnostic survey that quantifies the core scalability of an organization and analyzing successful startups founded after 2005 and a number of large companies. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Out of the top 100 ExOs, 35 are considered Unicorns
  • 65% of the Top 100 are between 11 and 500 employees, with none smaller
  • The vast majority of exponential organizations are no more than ten years old
  • The top five sectors represented are Social/Blogging/Messaging, E-Commerce, Finance, IT & Cloud, Gaming/Entertainment and Staff on Demand

These companies achieve new scalability by pushing vital functions outside their core org structures, therefore dropping the cost of supply. So to draw inspiration from or to provide you with a list of companies to analyze in order to become more scaleable yourself, here’s the top 100 of most scaleable companies in the world today.

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