Wearables: 1 in 10 Dutch consumers wants a Google Glass or a smartwatch

If we believe all the market forecasts for wearable technology this new mobile trend will have a huge impact on consumers. For an example check out these slides by B.I. Intelligence that round up some of the predictions by different firms.

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Here in The Netherlands the Dutch research center GFK published a poll among consumers trying to get insight on the consumers desire for two prominent wearables: Google Glass and the smartwatch.

In this study we explore this development and present seven manifestations that can define the impact on business, such as the ‘quantified employee’ and the ‘body as the new password’. (Available in English on march 13th)

First of all they note that sales for smartwatches is going up; 4297 sold units in 2013 with 3077 in the last 3 months. 12% of consumers say that they are definitely going to buy one or already has a connected watch. The same goes for Google Glass, 12% is definitely going to buy one or already has one (like me). Check out the slidedeck here (Dutch).

The thing that I did not expect was the result that the people who would definitely not buy a smartwatch (51%) is somewhat bigger than the people who will definitely not but a Google Glass (42%), however this might have something to do with the 14% of people who just not know.

It all comes down to designers and developers to come up with awesome and useful applications of wearable tech to really get a broad piece of the consumer market. To get everyone thinking, here’s some inspiration. In the video, part of the Make it Wearable Challenge, Intel explorer how wearable technology is improving our communication and changing the way we interact.

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